The September Issue

Kind + Jugend

This September things in the Creeper Crawlers office were as hectic as ever. With our huge launch coming very soon and planning the big reveal there is never a quiet moment. The entire team has been working their little butts off to bring you something very very special.

At the beginning of the month we attended the Kind and Jugend Nursery Trade show in Cologne, Germany, a four day show which is the biggest of its kind in Europe where we got to reveal our secrets to the industry and launch our new products that you will all see online and in stores very soon.

Kind + Jugend

Kind + Jugend


We can’t give away  too much but the picture below shows you a little bit of our stand – our first product the Easy Grip Crawl Suit. The Easy Grip Crawl Suit comes in 4 colours, pink, blue, cream and mint and in 4 sizes from 6mths-24mths. Get yours here. We are delighted to be able to say that the show was a  huge success and our new projects got a phenomenal response. Better than we had hoped for actually 🙂




Our new product is not in the crawling space but it is in keeping with our company mission, all of our products will support the natural development of children. Our Easy Grip Crawl Suit aims to target the problem caused by modern living and the effect that it has on babies learning to crawl. Modern flooring can delay this stage in development. The Easy Grip Crawl Suit provides traction and allows baby to master the all important Cross Crawl.

Our newest project launching soon also aims to overcome a modern issue that is causing developmental delays in babies. It is a truly unique concept and will be a must have for baby.

Easy Grip Crawl Suit

As always when the team go on a business trip there is always a little drama involved. If you remember the flat tyre and “missing” spare that we had on our way to The Harrogate Nursery fair in March. This time things were a little more juicy. J A flasher on the train caused huge delays, making us to be late to the show on day one and on day four when it was time to pack up and go home our luggage had been stolen. On the bright side we didn’t have to haul it all home and it makes for an interesting blog. 🙂

Despite the unexpected fun that we had, the show was amazing, our new products will be taking over the world very soon and we had a great few days. It was great to be there as part of the British Pavilion and see some familiar faces. We even got a little time to see some of Cologne. The Dom is definitely worth a trip. 🙂

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

To join in the conversation or to tell us what you think we are planning just use our hashtags #GetAGrip #Bughugs or follow us on facebook.


Why is my baby not crawling?

Crawling Develops

Many parenting books and guides say that babies should be crawling by the time they are 7 months old however, if your baby is not crawling there is no need to panic as we have found that babies today are actually beginning to crawl a little later. Our Easy Grip Crawl collections go right up to 24months.

Now in 4 colours!

Now in 4 colours!

There are many reasons why your baby may not be crawling, maybe they are just not ready yet or it could be due to factors in their environment. They could be finding it very difficult to get their body co-ordinated on the slippery floor surfaces in your homes. You must remember that babies are just finding out what parts belong to them and that they can control their own movement. When placed on a slippery floor this can cause frustration and many babies give up trying to crawl.

Slippery surfaces can put babies off crawling.

Slippery surfaces can put babies off crawling

Wooden, tiled or laminate floors present a huge challenge to your baby as they offer no traction, babies slip and slide resulting in bumped heads and this can put babies off learning to crawl. For babies this is the same as us trying to walk on ice.

It is important that you do all you can to help encourage the all-important cross crawl. Read more about how you can encourage crawling here.


Crawling Develops

Crawling Develops

Of course there could be other physiological or medical factors that are preventing your baby from crawling, if you are concerned about your childs development please speak with your doctor or public health nurse.

Summer Time Madness at Creeper Crawlers

baby guy

This summer the Creeper Crawlers team were kept busy, very busy. From travelling to tradeshows, photo shoots and working on our new range there was plenty to keep us going.

We were invited to showcase our products at two of the largest and most prestigious trade shows in the world, the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas and the Kind and Jugend trade show in Cologne, Germany.

After a crazy few weeks getting equipment and material ready we began our packing. Hoping that demobaby wouldn’t cause too much of a stir as she went through airport scanners in a suitcase and with what seemed like the whole office packed up we headed to Vegas.

demo baby suitcase

The ABC kids Expo is regarded as the premier juvenile products show in the world with trade visitors from all over the world and over 800 exhibitors. From thousands of entries we were delighted to have our “Easy Grip Crawl Suit” selected as one of the top 5 products in the JPMA Awards within the safety category.

Although this was such an amazing achievement to receive such validation for our product this was not the highlight of the trip because at ABC we actually got to meet The Baby Guy NYC, Jamie Grayson!!! Months of harmless cyber stalking turned into actual stalking at ABC which all paid off when we got a pic with the lovely Jamie who was more than kind and listened as we gushed about him.

baby guy

Following a mad week in Las Vegas we headed straight to Cologne in Germany for the Kind and Jugend show. There was over 1000 exhibitors with more than 20,000 trade visitors in attendance and our Crawl Suit again was nominated for an award this time for innovation.

As these were our first international trade shows it was a summer of learning and we can’t wait to do it all over again next year. Maybe with some time set aside for fun in Vegas!! 😉

Tot Model Photo Shoot


As Creeper Crawlers prepares to launch our new range of developmental clothing for babies the excitement in the office began to build as this could only mean one thing, photo shoot!! The girls were especially buzzing with excitement at the thought of working with babies, real babies 🙂

Once we had our photographer and location finalised we set off on our hunt for tot models. We put out a post on our Facebook page which received a phenomenal response, far more than we could have hoped for, leading to hours and hours spent cooing over all the photographs that had been sent in from so many lovely mums.

Once all the mums had been contacted and we had our 7 babies everything was ready for our photo shoot.


On Friday 17th October Creeper Crawlers HQ at the Guinness Enterprise Centre was taken over by tot models and their entourage. Each model brought along excited family members including aunties and grandparents to assist with wardrobe changes and to keep their spirits high.


Once all the babies arrived the photographer got started, doing individual and group photos. Each baby got a chance in the spotlight and they all seemed to love the camera.  Even after numerous outfit changes and being surrounded by so many people our beautiful little models were professional, staying in top form and enjoying their day out.

We have no idea why people say never to work with children because we had a ball and can’t wait until the next photo shoot!!


We can’t wait to see the final shots of the babies in our new range of developmental clothing and to get using them, so be sure to check our facebook and website for the new images.


Thanks to the lovely mums and dads that we met for bringing their babies along and for allowing them to take part in our photo shoot. We had a brilliant day and we hope you did too.

Big thank you to all the mums who got in touch. We will have more opportunities in the future so keep a look out. :):)


#BabyBrain: Rocking and Rolling

Rocking and rolling exercises for babies

The balance system is located deep within the inner ear. A well-developed balance systemforms the basis for healthy brain and body connections.   Stimulation of this system is needed in order for baby to be able to cope successfully with gravity. Activities that cause this stimulation are essential for the inhibition of primitive reflexes and development of balance. They will impact on development of posture, movement, and a sense of position in space, motion, depth and self. Rocking and rolling movements can contribute to the development of balance.   Studies show that infants given regular vestibular stimulation in the first few months of life show accelerated development in motor skills as a result of increased sensory stimulation.

  • Cradle the baby in a cellular blanket with a person holding either end of the blanket. Now sway very gently and slowly from side to side. The slower the better. This slow movement will get the fluid in the inner ear moving which will in turn activate and stimulate the balance system. You may even find that he/she is soothed and calmed and may even fall asleep during this.
  • Put your baby in a seated position holding them securely under their arms. Rock him/her from side to side, gently and slowly and make sure not to go more than a 45 degree angle. This will help to develop the muscles in the neck and shoulders while causing the fluid in the inner ear to move and stimulate the balance system.
  • A variation on this is while in the same position as above rock your baby forward and backwards. Very gently and slowly and not more than a 45 degree angle. You may need to adjust your grip slightly to support baby at the front and back. Be mindful of supporting their head, the aim is to get them to support their own head but if they cannot do this then you will need to, until they can.
  • A floor time rock & roll session  when your baby is lying on his/her back will also provide good stimulation for the balance system and will provide some movements that help to inhibit primitive reflexes. Hold the baby’s hands and gently rock him/her from side to side, the head will turn accordingly.   Do not turn them more than 45 degrees.
  • As your baby gets bigger and older introduce plenty of rough and tumble play, not just for the boys. It gives so much stimulation to the brain and plays a huge role in building your baby’s brain.

Ollwyn Moran is a trained Neurological Developmental Therapist and the founder of Creeper Crawlers, a revolutionary children’s clothing brand best known for its Easy Grip Crawl Suit. Made from 100% cotton and free of harsh chemical dyes, the patent-pending and award-winning Easy Grip Crawl Suit provides developmental benefits for babies ages 6-24 months. Learn more about Creeper Crawlers here

Meeting with Mothercare


Following on from the high that was the awards, I was incredibly lucky to get a meeting with Mothercare Ireland.

I went out to meet with two lovely women from Mothercare in their HQ in Dublin. I was SO nervous. I really hadn’t a clue what to expect.
Walking up the stairs to their office, my heart was pounding so loud and I had another attack of the ‘jelly-legs!’

But all that worry was for nothing. The ladies were so lovely. I was at ease within minutes.

The meeting whizzed by.

Later in the week, I went to the BabyMax Wings of Love Ball. It was held in Fitzpatricks Hotel in Kiliney.

An incredibly glamorous event. Lots of celebs were there too. My friend Alison came along with me…girls night out.

We had a blast. Fab food, great music and entertainment and dancing until the wee hours!

A brilliant end to a great week.

In early 2013, I heard from Mothercare that they wanted to become stockists of the Easy Grip Crawl Suit. EEK! Complete excitement. The first delivery was delivered to stores in February!

This blog post is part of a series of firsthand accounts by Ollwyn Moran documenting the beginnings of Creeper Crawlers. Creeper Crawlers is a revolutionary children’s clothing brand best known for its Easy Grip Crawl Suit. Made from 100% cotton and free of harsh chemical dyes, the patent-pending and award-winning Easy Grip Crawl Suit provides developmental benefits for babies ages 6-12 months. Learn more about Creeper Crawlers here

#BabyBrain: Feeding

5 ways to promote crawling2f

What Can You Do to Help Build Your Baby’s Brain?

In this next section I am going to give some age appropriate movements that you can do with your little one in order to help inhibit some of the primitive reflexes and allow for your child to pass through those milestones sequentially. The key with building your baby’s brain is: HAVE PATIENCE –  DO NOT RUSH IT. Try not to compare your child’s development to a friend or family member’s child.

I am a firm believer in getting back to basics when it comes to parenting, or as I call it ‘Retro-Parenting’, less gadgets and more natural movement.

Become that ‘MacGyver Mom’ – use what you have in your house, do not go spending big money on products that have no function or in fact might inhibit your child’s progress. Examples of this are the walkers & door bouncers – they are actually banned in New York and Canada. Early or prolonged use of these actually inhibits the crawling stage and contributes to learning difficulties.


While breast feeding is nature’s plan, both you and I know that this does not always work out for various reasons so if you are bottle feeding your baby you should use both your left hand and right hand for holding the bottle and swap the baby’s position to suit this. During breast feeding the baby is changed from the left breast to the right breast and this allows for a lot of sensory stimulation for him/her.    It also allows the baby to grab at clothing etc. with their free hand. This stimulates the corresponding parts in the brain and that is why it is important when bottle feeding to mimic nature and allow for stimulation of both sides of the brain too. This is quick and easy to do and really benefits the brain.

Omega oils are essential for development of the brain and should be included in baby’s diet. There are many varieties available on the market, you need to look for one that is age appropriate and has the purest form of the oils (

Ollwyn Moran is a trained Neurological Developmental Therapist and the founder of Creeper Crawlers, a revolutionary children’s clothing brand best known for its Easy Grip Crawl Suit. Made from 100% cotton and free of harsh chemical dyes, the patent-pending and award-winning Easy Grip Crawl Suit provides developmental benefits for babies ages 6-24 months. Learn more about Creeper Crawlers here