5 Products To Avoid – Child Development

Happy baby laying on belly


As you know, our aim is to support and enhance the healthy development of young children.

Our first product was the Easy Grip Crawl Suit™ which was developed to help babies achieve the cross crawl vital for cognitive development.  The cross crawl helps to develop muscles, co-ordination, vision and so much more. It is the most important milestone and our Easy Grip Crawl Suit™ gives babies the confidence they need to get crawling as it has our unique gripper bugs strategically placed on the knees and feet to provide traction on slippery modern floors.

The Crawl Suit has won awards for safety as by providing traction for babies it also stops slipping and those little bumps and bruises.

Today there are a lot more challenges facing baby than there was even just a few years ago, modern living can make it more difficult for baby to reach vital milestones and to make matters worse there are now products available that actually can have a negative effect on baby development.

We have been shocked to see a number of products available and below we have listed 5 to avoid.


  • Walkers

Parents today are very keen to see their babies walking- valuing it much more than crawling- counting the days until their little one will take their first steps and hoping to catch this moment on camera.

For this reason they buy walkers to help encourage this movement and to strengthen muscles in the legs. It has been proven however that this is not the case- walkers do not help babies learn how to walk, they can actually delay development. Studies have shown that those babies that use walkers to help them learn, may actually walk a month later than those who have not.

The reason for this is because baby walkers allow babies to move around before they are ready, their legs are hanging, putting extra strain on their hips and spine. Babys legs are usually in a bowed shape which can affect how they walk when they eventually learn how to do so.  Walkers are detrimental to normal baby development, their movement is restricted and they are discouraged from undertaking the important task of crawling. Crawling is when they learn how their body works and builds the muscles in their neck, back and legs- allowing them to then undertake the task of walking.

The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that walkers are not used as they can discourage your child from walking and because they can also be dangerous. Canada banned walkers in 2004 and if you are found in possession of a walker in Canada for your baby you can even be fined up to $100,000.


  • Bouncers- Baby Door Swings

For many of the same reasons as walkers, bouncers can also delay the development of your baby.  Being in a baby bouncer means that babies are spending less time developing floor mobility such as sitting and crawling which allows them to develop their muscles as well as spatial awareness and confidence.

Bouncers do not offer much support for babies, they are left hanging by their crotch, putting stress on their pelvis and spine. If baby spends too long in them it is thought to put un-natural and excessive strain on their back.

Bouncers are also bad for baby’s social development as interaction with their environment and others is limited.

We are not saying that they should not be used at all but that the time baby spends in these should be limited and supervised.


  • Baby Chair

Baby chairs are a very controversial product due to how dangerous it can be for baby. There have been numerous reports of babies taking a tumble and getting seriously injured.

As well as being dangerous they can also seriously delay baby development as many babies are placed in the chair before they are ready. Motor skills can be inhibited when babies are placed in a chair before they are developmentally ready to sit and support the weight of their upper body.

When placed in a baby chair their movement is restricted – they are held in an un-natural position and their legs tend to dangle. This is bad for spinal and leg development.


  • Touch Screens

Recent research has shown that more and more children are starting school with an under developed pincer grip (pointer finger and the thumb) with some even starting school unable to hold a pencil properly. Some research has indicated that this could be due to the increased popularity of touch screen products. Children are not encouraged to use their fingers and develop their fine motor skills as they just swipe a screen gently.

There have even been products introduced that are aimed at babies and infants, this increased popularity and the amount of time babies are spending in front of a screen can also have an effect on their social development as well.

We are not saying that babies should not have any access to touch screen products as it can of course be beneficial to learn this at a young age (with some parental involvement/engagement) but it is better if this time is restricted.


  • Teething products

All mums would do anything for our teething baby to help get them through this ordeal- buying any product that promises to sooth the pain. However there are some teething products out there that can negatively affect your baby’s development. When choosing a teether make sure to avoid anything that restricts baby’s movements. Forcing their little soft bones into a particular shape restricts fine motor development and natural movement.

Why is my baby not crawling?

Crawling Develops

Many parenting books and guides say that babies should be crawling by the time they are 7 months old however, if your baby is not crawling there is no need to panic as we have found that babies today are actually beginning to crawl a little later. Our Easy Grip Crawl collections go right up to 24months.

Now in 4 colours!

Now in 4 colours!

There are many reasons why your baby may not be crawling, maybe they are just not ready yet or it could be due to factors in their environment. They could be finding it very difficult to get their body co-ordinated on the slippery floor surfaces in your homes. You must remember that babies are just finding out what parts belong to them and that they can control their own movement. When placed on a slippery floor this can cause frustration and many babies give up trying to crawl.

Slippery surfaces can put babies off crawling.

Slippery surfaces can put babies off crawling

Wooden, tiled or laminate floors present a huge challenge to your baby as they offer no traction, babies slip and slide resulting in bumped heads and this can put babies off learning to crawl. For babies this is the same as us trying to walk on ice.

It is important that you do all you can to help encourage the all-important cross crawl. Read more about how you can encourage crawling here.


Crawling Develops

Crawling Develops

Of course there could be other physiological or medical factors that are preventing your baby from crawling, if you are concerned about your childs development please speak with your doctor or public health nurse.

We have a winner! Loved By Parents Award

lbp 2015 winner

We are delighted to announce that we have won a Loved By Parents Award for “Best Innovative Idea” for our amazing Bamboo Crawl Suit. 

We love receiving awards that are voted for by parents and would like to thank everybody that voted 🙂

lbp 2015 winner

These awards drive us to develop more products and we have lots of exciting things coming very soon so watch this space!


The Bamboo Crawl Suit has our unique gripper bugs on the knees and feet which help babies to get a grip on slippery floors, helping them learn to crawl effectively. These gripper bugs give baby the confidence to get moving and encourages that all important cross crawl. Our bugs have also won awards for safety as they can reduce accidents as babies are not slipping and sliding on modern floors.

Gripper Bugs

Gripper Bugs

To view the entire Bamboo Collection that includes a sensory teething bib, tops and bottoms that are perfect for mixing and matching as well as our now award winning Bamboo Crawl Suit click here. 


BambooCrawl Suit

Bamboo Crawl Suit



5 Minutes with Mum – Cliona



Name: Cliona


How many children do you have?   1


What did you find hardest about being pregnant? What did you enjoy?

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so I was pretty weak for a lot of my pregnancy. I really enjoyed feeling so connected with my baby and loved having a bump.


What do you find is the most rewarding thing about motherhood?

Seeing my baby achieve new little milestones and knowing I helped her along the way. Seeing the intelligent, affectionate and funny little girl she is turning out to be fills me with pride. I could gush on for ages here!!


What is the worst/most embarrassing thing your child has done?

Probably her sudocrem incident (a right of passage for every parent!) Where she managed to get it EVERYWHERE! Covered the screen of my tablet, pushed cream into the charging dock, rubbed it on all the freshly washed clothes, on the walls..need I go on!?!


Do you have a funniest memory?

Too many to choose from!


Best kid quote?

The most precious jewel you will ever have around your neck is the loving arms of your child.


Who is your favourite celebrity mum and why?

Pink. She seems to encourage her daughter to really be herself.


Do you have any top tips for a first time mum?

Every child is different and will reach different milestones at different stages try not to compare with other babies too much and enjoy every second of it as they really do grow quicker than you would believe.


Creeper Crawlers Bamboo Baby

Bamboo Fabric

It wasn’t until we needed to choose a fabric for our new Premium Collection and started doing some research that we began to learn all about the qualities and benefits of bamboo fabric. We wanted something that was kind to baby’s skin and environmentally friendly. Bamboo was the perfect solution, it is the fastest growing plant on the planet and is even recommended by doctors for children, especially those with any skin irritation or sensitivity


Hypo Allergenic

For allergy prone or sensitive skin, bamboo is perfect, it is anti-fungal and the organic fabric is so smooth that the fibres do not cause irritation to the skin. This makes bamboo the ideal material for babies and for skin conditions such as psoriasis and even nappy rash.



Bamboo fabric is a porous material making it very breathable which is perfect for little ones. This means that  it does not cling to the skin during hot weather or if your little one is hot. When attacked by odour causing bacteria the fabric also remains odourless.

Bamboo top and leggings

Creeper Crawlers Bamboo top and Easy Grip Bamboo leggings

Thermo Regulating

Bamboo is also the perfect material for exercise as it is thermo-regulating, this also makes it ideal for your active little one. When baby is feeling warm it cools her down and when she is feeling cool it has a warming effect, making it suitable for all climates all year round.  



Bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton, which makes it the perfect fabric to use in our Sensory Teething Bib. It is absolutely perfect for all those little dribbles.


Sensory Teething Bib
Creeper Crawlers Sensory Teething Bib TM


Eco Friendly

Bamboo is an incredibly eco-friendly source for fabric. When growing, bamboo does not require any pesticides, irrigation or fertilisers to enhance its growth. It has a natural anti-bacterial that grows within it. It is 100% biodegradable and is the fastest growing plant on the planet, with some records showing a growth of almost 48 inches in a 24hr period.

Bamboo fabric is one of the most ecological and economical products available today and many believe that because bamboo is long lasting, super soft, aesthetically pleasing, economical and ecological, that it is the “Fabric of the Future” – and we at Creeper Crawlers have it available for your little one now.

Click here to see our new Premium Bamboo Collection and place your pre-order. Shipping in May.





Bamboo Easy Grip Crawl Suit

Creeper Crawlers Premium Bamboo Crawl Suit TM

Harrogate Nursery Fair


Last weekend the Creeper Crawlers team went to England for our first trade show of 2015, the 3 day Harrogate International Nursery Fair and in true Creeper Crawlers style there was a little bit of drama.

After having spent over two hours filling the car to the brim and squeezing in all that we needed for the trade show we were ready to catch the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead. Everything went perfectly until we reached the other side.

As we were preparing to disembark for our 3 hour journey to Harrogate someone kindly pointed out that we had a flat tyre. Naturally panic set in as we had to get the car unloaded to access the spare and reloaded before the boat filled up and headed back to Dublin. With the help of the Stena Line Staff, who we can’t thank enough for their help and Creeper Crawlers own Geoffery, the car was unloaded in no time – only to find no spare tyre.

Apparently on some cars the spare tyre is under the car… whoops…. who knew?? 🙂



Stena Line staffhelping to get us on the move

Stena Line staff helping to get us on the move.

While all the drama and hard work was happening Creeper Crawlers CEO Ollwyn made sure to lend a helping hand by talking lots of pictures for our blog and facebook 🙂



Having finally arrived in Harrogate we spent the day setting up our stand, we were lucky enough to have a great location and to be beside our friends from Snooze Shade and Gummee Glove.

We had a great few days at the show, seeing some old friends and making new ones. Most importantly we had phenomenal feedback on our Easy Grip Crawl Suit and our new Premium Bamboo Collection, we even added some new international retailers.


Creeper Crawlers at Harrogate Nursery Fair

We would be lying if we said it was all hard work though, we somehow managed to squeeze in a bit of “networking” over cocktails as well as attending the Banta Awards where the amazing Jason Manford kept us all entertained.

Why can’t all work outings end with a martini?  <3

After Show Cocktails

After Show Cocktails

Crawling for Adults

lady ms

In January The Sunday Independent very kindly featured Creeper Crawlers. We were so delighted with the coverage and the fantastic response that we received from it. We were sent many emails of support and encouragement for our business, however there was one email in particular that really stood out to us.

While Ollwyn knows and understands the benefits of the crawling stage in child development and also uses the cross-crawl as part of her remediation programme when she is working with children, she was delighted to hear about the use of crawling and the impact it has for this adult.

We are honoured to have received permission to share part of this email with you.

The email we received was from a person who suffers from MS who wanted to share with us the impact that crawling has on day to day life and how it is of benefit to them.

They have agreed to let us use the email as a way to spread the word and to help educate how crawling can have great benefits for adults also and possibly encourage others to try it for themselves.




I have just read the article in the Business Section of the Sunday Independent about your business and the connection of babies crawling and overall effect it has on the whole body.  Well just to further this point, I have SP Multiple Sclerosis and my walking ability has been greatly compromised, I was only telling a physiotherapist the other day that if I crawl around my house for a short while, I can get up and walk easily after that.


So I totally agree with your concept about crawling and the benefits that come from it, even for an adult like me.


Well worth crawling.”


A huge thank you to this brave lady for taking the time to email us and for allowing us to use her experience to spread awareness and to help highlight the importance of crawling, it was great to hear from someone who has experienced the benefits of crawling later in life first hand.

In our blog last week we highlighted how important it is for babies to crawl and the associated link to brain functioning, we also described the benefits the cross crawl has for infants such as how it helps with muscle formation, eye sight, coordination and balance.  (Child Development- The Cross Crawl)

The Cross Crawl

The Cross Crawl

However it is important to note that crawling is not only beneficial for babies, recently crawling has been recommended to adults as a way to achieve better communication between brain hemispheres and to repair compromised brain functions.

Crawling today is viewed as a rehabilitative and restorative movement as it helps to develop healthy body and brain connections. Crawling has the ability to improve your health, mobility and strength as well as improving your ability to think and focus.


Through crawling, pathways are established between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The better the brain can communicate and process information, the better the body moves.

lady ms