5 Minutes with Mum – Cliona



Name: Cliona


How many children do you have?   1


What did you find hardest about being pregnant? What did you enjoy?

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so I was pretty weak for a lot of my pregnancy. I really enjoyed feeling so connected with my baby and loved having a bump.


What do you find is the most rewarding thing about motherhood?

Seeing my baby achieve new little milestones and knowing I helped her along the way. Seeing the intelligent, affectionate and funny little girl she is turning out to be fills me with pride. I could gush on for ages here!!


What is the worst/most embarrassing thing your child has done?

Probably her sudocrem incident (a right of passage for every parent!) Where she managed to get it EVERYWHERE! Covered the screen of my tablet, pushed cream into the charging dock, rubbed it on all the freshly washed clothes, on the walls..need I go on!?!


Do you have a funniest memory?

Too many to choose from!


Best kid quote?

The most precious jewel you will ever have around your neck is the loving arms of your child.


Who is your favourite celebrity mum and why?

Pink. She seems to encourage her daughter to really be herself.


Do you have any top tips for a first time mum?

Every child is different and will reach different milestones at different stages try not to compare with other babies too much and enjoy every second of it as they really do grow quicker than you would believe.