Sensory Bamboo Teething Bib


This sensory teething bib has been designed, like all of our products with baby in mind. We aim to put baby first and not focus on developing products that aim to make life easier for parents.

We wanted to design a bib that not only provided some pain relief but also had some developmental aspects too.

We achieved this by adding little ridges and circles to the silicone edging – adding a sensory element to the bib, supporting cognitive development while baby teeths.

Sensory For Brain Development

Sensory For Brain Development

So whats different?

Babies tend to drool excessively when they are teething and so this is the perfect solution – a bib and teether in one!

  • Silicone Edge- This food grade, BPA free silicone V edging provides soothing pain relief while those little teeth try to break through the gums and with the additional little ridges and textures it provides a sensory feeling for cognitive development.
  • The bib is stylish with a bandana shape and is also reversible.
  • The Fabric

It wasn’t until we needed to source a fabric for our new premium range and started doing some research that we began to learn about the benefits and qualities of bamboo fabric. We wanted something that was kind to baby’s skin and environmentally friendly. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and it is even recommended by doctors for children, especially those with any skin irritation or sensitivity.

As bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton it makes the perfect material for a bib for teething babies. As you know babies drool so much more while teething. This material also helps to reduce the teething rash and it is antibacterial.

Learn more about the benefits of bamboo here.

We began with 2 colours and recently we have recently added some new bib designs as shown here.

New Colours Launched

New Colours Launched

We will be launching a brand new design (something a little different) very soon also.

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