Sensory Bamboo Teething Bib


This sensory teething bib has been designed, like all of our products with baby in mind. We aim to put baby first and not focus on developing products that aim to make life easier for parents.

We wanted to design a bib that not only provided some pain relief but also had some developmental aspects too.

We achieved this by adding little ridges and circles to the silicone edging – adding a sensory element to the bib, supporting cognitive development while baby teeths.

Sensory For Brain Development

Sensory For Brain Development

So whats different?

Babies tend to drool excessively when they are teething and so this is the perfect solution – a bib and teether in one!

  • Silicone Edge- This food grade, BPA free silicone V edging provides soothing pain relief while those little teeth try to break through the gums and with the additional little ridges and textures it provides a sensory feeling for cognitive development.
  • The bib is stylish with a bandana shape and is also reversible.
  • The Fabric

It wasn’t until we needed to source a fabric for our new premium range and started doing some research that we began to learn about the benefits and qualities of bamboo fabric. We wanted something that was kind to baby’s skin and environmentally friendly. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and it is even recommended by doctors for children, especially those with any skin irritation or sensitivity.

As bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton it makes the perfect material for a bib for teething babies. As you know babies drool so much more while teething. This material also helps to reduce the teething rash and it is antibacterial.

Learn more about the benefits of bamboo here.

We began with 2 colours and recently we have recently added some new bib designs as shown here.

New Colours Launched

New Colours Launched

We will be launching a brand new design (something a little different) very soon also.

To buy a Sensory Teething Bib for your little one click here.

Why is my baby not crawling?

Crawling Develops

Many parenting books and guides say that babies should be crawling by the time they are 7 months old however, if your baby is not crawling there is no need to panic as we have found that babies today are actually beginning to crawl a little later. Our Easy Grip Crawl collections go right up to 24months.

Now in 4 colours!

Now in 4 colours!

There are many reasons why your baby may not be crawling, maybe they are just not ready yet or it could be due to factors in their environment. They could be finding it very difficult to get their body co-ordinated on the slippery floor surfaces in your homes. You must remember that babies are just finding out what parts belong to them and that they can control their own movement. When placed on a slippery floor this can cause frustration and many babies give up trying to crawl.

Slippery surfaces can put babies off crawling.

Slippery surfaces can put babies off crawling

Wooden, tiled or laminate floors present a huge challenge to your baby as they offer no traction, babies slip and slide resulting in bumped heads and this can put babies off learning to crawl. For babies this is the same as us trying to walk on ice.

It is important that you do all you can to help encourage the all-important cross crawl. Read more about how you can encourage crawling here.


Crawling Develops

Crawling Develops

Of course there could be other physiological or medical factors that are preventing your baby from crawling, if you are concerned about your childs development please speak with your doctor or public health nurse.

We have a winner! Loved By Parents Award

lbp 2015 winner

We are delighted to announce that we have won a Loved By Parents Award for “Best Innovative Idea” for our amazing Bamboo Crawl Suit. 

We love receiving awards that are voted for by parents and would like to thank everybody that voted 🙂

lbp 2015 winner

These awards drive us to develop more products and we have lots of exciting things coming very soon so watch this space!


The Bamboo Crawl Suit has our unique gripper bugs on the knees and feet which help babies to get a grip on slippery floors, helping them learn to crawl effectively. These gripper bugs give baby the confidence to get moving and encourages that all important cross crawl. Our bugs have also won awards for safety as they can reduce accidents as babies are not slipping and sliding on modern floors.

Gripper Bugs

Gripper Bugs

To view the entire Bamboo Collection that includes a sensory teething bib, tops and bottoms that are perfect for mixing and matching as well as our now award winning Bamboo Crawl Suit click here. 


BambooCrawl Suit

Bamboo Crawl Suit



Loved By Parents Award – Nominated

Loved by Parents

Our new Bamboo Crawl Suit has been nominated for a prestigious Loved By Parents Award in the category of Best Innovative Idea.

We are still the only company in the world to make developmental clothing for babies. Our baby grows have little gripper bugs on the knees and feet which provide traction for babies learning to crawl and so helps them to reach the all important crawling milestone.

Bamboo Crawl Suit

Bamboo Crawl Suit

At Creeper Crawlers our mission is to support the natural developmental stages of babies. Today with the increased popularity of wooden and tiled floors little ones learning to crawl are finding it difficult as they are slipping and sliding around. Our new Bamboo Crawl Suit with our unique easy grip technology has been nominated in the BEST INNOVATIVE IDEA category and we are delighted that our innovation and hard work is being recognised. We pride ourselves in being a company that puts the child first rather than make products that make parents lives easier. Each product is designed with this in mind.


To find out more about the benefits of our Bamboo Fabric click here. 

Bamboo Crawl Suit

Bamboo Crawl Suit


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A big thanks from us in advance 🙂 🙂 #bughugs

Top 5 Modern Hazards In Your Home For Your Crawling Baby


As you have probably have found out, a crawling baby is highly inquisitive and unpredictable, meaning that we must always be prepared for the unexpected and try to child proof our homes the best we can.

Little ones can find literally hundreds of ways to get hurt and it is important to remember that bumps and bruises are all a part of being a child. However there are some things we can do to try and avoid serious injuries to little crawlers.

The two most common hazards for babies at home are falls and kitchen related burns. Blind cords and sharp corners e.g on coffee tables also present a danger for curious babies, but these are well documented and brought to parents attention.  However modern day hazards are increasingly causing injury to little ones in the home.

Here we highlight the top five modern hazards to little curious crawlers in the home:


1)  Appliance Cords

Appliance cords present a strangulation hazard and curious little ones could also end up pulling heavy and dangerous objects such as laptops and kitchen equipment down on top of them. Try to keep appliances high and well out of the reach of children. When not in use store in a safe place.

2)  Hair Straighteners/ Curlers

Hair straighteners can cause burns up to 10 minutes after they have been turned off.  It is a good idea to place straighteners into heat resistant bags and kept out of reach and out of sight from inquisitive little eyes. In 2009-2010 in NI almost 10% of thermal injuries to children admitted to hospital came from hair straighteners.

3)  Gym Equipment

Today fit is the new skinny and many of us now are lucky enough to have a gym or ‘get fit’ equipment in our homes. Usually these are in spaces which are easily accessed by children and crawlers. Each year in the USA thousands of children are admitted to hospital for treadmill related injuries, mostly burns and accidents related to the cords.

4) Dishwasher

In most homes dishwashers are easily accessed as they are low to the ground. Many people have a habit of walking around the kitchen and leaving the dishwasher open. Keep in mind how attractive this would be to a little one. It is suggested that you should close your dishwasher door securely once finished packing it. This will keep little ones away from potential hazards within the main chamber of the machine.

Here at CCHQ would also recommend that you store any washing tablets / powder / detergent for you machines in a cabinet high and well out of the reach of your little one. As with all cleaning fluids and chemicals in your home.

5)  Slippery Floors

Falls and slipping are some of the main reasons for children being admitted to hospitals. Over the last 10 – 15 years there has been an increase in the use of slippery floor such as tiles, wooden and laminate in homes. These provide no grip for youngsters running through the home. It is suggested that one way to minimise falls is to use non-slip mats under rugs  and loose floor coverings etc.  Did you know what slippery floors also discourage your baby from the cross crawl? Their knees slip from under them as they attempt to get into the position for the cross crawl causing frustration and fear in some instances. By using our recommended Easy Grip Crawl Suits with our specially devised grip technology on the knees and soles of the feet can prevent slipping and sliding for crawling babies. You can find more information HERE

Creeper Crawlers Gripper Bugs

Creeper Crawlers Gripper Bug

Why not check out our amazing Easy Grip ranges HERE

Top tip:

When your little one has mastered tummy time and is ready to crawl it is a good idea to get down on the floor yourself and crawl around. 🙂 By doing this you can see all the hazards and little temptations from their level and so be better prepared.


**these are not the only modern hazards in your home for your inquisitive baby these are only our Top 5 suggestions. Please refer to manufacturers guidelines and other professional bodies that educate on how to keep your baby safe in your home.

Sensory Teething Bib

Sensory Bamboo Teething Bib

Facebook Christmas Market

fb market 6

Creeper Crawlers were very lucky to be invited to the Facebook HQ in Dublin yesterday to participate in their staff Christmas Market.

We were very excited and so we got ready and headed down early to get set up and to also have a little look around their new offices. In the reception we were met with these inspirational signs which we thought we should share with you as it is always a good idea to take advantage of free advice- especially from a company like Facebook.

fb market 3

Throughout, there was a great feeling of the culture that these companies are famous for, from the happy and diverse workforce to the huge (free) canteen.  The diversity of the staff was highlighted by the different flags that we could see on the windows of their internal offices and the emphasis placed on staff morale was very clear.

At the market there was a fantastic Christmassy atmosphere with people dressed up and lots of festive music and treats.

Throughout the day Facebook staff came along and were able to browse the different products available and do some of their Christmas shopping.  We were very lucky to participate along with brands such as, Molton Brown, The Irish Fairy Door Company, The Elf on the Shelf, benefit and Kiehls. We also found time to get some of our own shopping done. 🙂

There was huge interest in our Crawl Suits with people buying gifts for their children and nieces and nephews. We were delighted to hear of all the new little Creeper Crawlers there would be across the world with our crawl suits being sent off to places as far as Zimbabwe and Brazil.

We had a great day and it was such an experience to see inside a company of this stature. We also got lots of ideas for when we up-scale the Creeper Crawlers office 😉

fb market 1

fb market 2

fb market 6