Sensory Bamboo Teething Bib


This sensory teething bib has been designed, like all of our products with baby in mind. We aim to put baby first and not focus on developing products that aim to make life easier for parents.

We wanted to design a bib that not only provided some pain relief but also had some developmental aspects too.

We achieved this by adding little ridges and circles to the silicone edging – adding a sensory element to the bib, supporting cognitive development while baby teeths.

Sensory For Brain Development

Sensory For Brain Development

So whats different?

Babies tend to drool excessively when they are teething and so this is the perfect solution – a bib and teether in one!

  • Silicone Edge- This food grade, BPA free silicone V edging provides soothing pain relief while those little teeth try to break through the gums and with the additional little ridges and textures it provides a sensory feeling for cognitive development.
  • The bib is stylish with a bandana shape and is also reversible.
  • The Fabric

It wasn’t until we needed to source a fabric for our new premium range and started doing some research that we began to learn about the benefits and qualities of bamboo fabric. We wanted something that was kind to baby’s skin and environmentally friendly. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and it is even recommended by doctors for children, especially those with any skin irritation or sensitivity.

As bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton it makes the perfect material for a bib for teething babies. As you know babies drool so much more while teething. This material also helps to reduce the teething rash and it is antibacterial.

Learn more about the benefits of bamboo here.

We began with 2 colours and recently we have recently added some new bib designs as shown here.

New Colours Launched

New Colours Launched

We will be launching a brand new design (something a little different) very soon also.

To buy a Sensory Teething Bib for your little one click here.

The September Issue

Kind + Jugend

This September things in the Creeper Crawlers office were as hectic as ever. With our huge launch coming very soon and planning the big reveal there is never a quiet moment. The entire team has been working their little butts off to bring you something very very special.

At the beginning of the month we attended the Kind and Jugend Nursery Trade show in Cologne, Germany, a four day show which is the biggest of its kind in Europe where we got to reveal our secrets to the industry and launch our new products that you will all see online and in stores very soon.

Kind + Jugend

Kind + Jugend


We can’t give away  too much but the picture below shows you a little bit of our stand – our first product the Easy Grip Crawl Suit. The Easy Grip Crawl Suit comes in 4 colours, pink, blue, cream and mint and in 4 sizes from 6mths-24mths. Get yours here. We are delighted to be able to say that the show was a  huge success and our new projects got a phenomenal response. Better than we had hoped for actually 🙂




Our new product is not in the crawling space but it is in keeping with our company mission, all of our products will support the natural development of children. Our Easy Grip Crawl Suit aims to target the problem caused by modern living and the effect that it has on babies learning to crawl. Modern flooring can delay this stage in development. The Easy Grip Crawl Suit provides traction and allows baby to master the all important Cross Crawl.

Our newest project launching soon also aims to overcome a modern issue that is causing developmental delays in babies. It is a truly unique concept and will be a must have for baby.

Easy Grip Crawl Suit

As always when the team go on a business trip there is always a little drama involved. If you remember the flat tyre and “missing” spare that we had on our way to The Harrogate Nursery fair in March. This time things were a little more juicy. J A flasher on the train caused huge delays, making us to be late to the show on day one and on day four when it was time to pack up and go home our luggage had been stolen. On the bright side we didn’t have to haul it all home and it makes for an interesting blog. 🙂

Despite the unexpected fun that we had, the show was amazing, our new products will be taking over the world very soon and we had a great few days. It was great to be there as part of the British Pavilion and see some familiar faces. We even got a little time to see some of Cologne. The Dom is definitely worth a trip. 🙂

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

To join in the conversation or to tell us what you think we are planning just use our hashtags #GetAGrip #Bughugs or follow us on facebook.


Help Your Baby Get To Grips with Crawling

We have highlighted the importance of crawling and its benefits for your child many times.

There are lots of things that you can do to help encourage your baby to crawl and to reach this vital developmental milestone.

The best thing you can do of course is get an Easy Grip Crawl Suit. 🙂 The research that we at Creeper Crawlers have been conducting over the last 2 years would indicate and support the belief that modern floor surfaces are providing a challenge for babies trying to crawl. In fact, you guys have been generous with your feedback and continue to tell us the difference that an Easy Grip Crawl Suit is making to your little ones while crawling.

Due to the decline of carpets and the growing popularity of shiny, slippery floors babies are skipping this stage- Our Easy Grip Crawl suit aims to solve this problem with our unique gripper technology.

Creeper Crawlers Easy Grip Bug

Creeper Crawlers Easy Grip Bug

It is important to remember that all children develop at a different pace and some may reach milestones earlier than others. Usually babies begin to crawl between 6 months and 10 months, however our own research has shown that recently babies are actually crawling later, so do not be alarmed if your baby is not crawling, yet they may well reach this milestone later.

We must remember not to rush baby as he or she will crawl when they are ready to do so, however there are a few little things you can do to encourage this movement.

  1. Tummy Time

Try and place baby on their tummy from one week on. Start gently, even 10/15 seconds a couple of times a day is enough at the beginning as he may find it uncomfortable. As they get a little bit older, 6 weeks on, you can begin to increase time spent doing tummy time once he has become more comfortable and developed some muscle control.

As baby gets older he will be able to lift and support his own head and pull his knees up under himself – sure signs that he is ready to get moving.

Tummy time does not have to be on the ground – it can also be be laying on top of you or your partner- skin to skin contact is good for baby too 🙂


Tip: Avoid tummy time directly after a feed unless you want to see the feed again J Or when baby is tired, as it can be quite the workout! 🙂


  1. Get Down On It

You can encourage crawling by getting down on the ground with your baby and showing them how it’s done. Baby will think you are having fun together and will want to copy you.

This is very important for 1st babies who have no other role models to copy.



  1. Make it Fun

It is important to make learning to crawl fun for your little one. At the beginning it can be uncomfortable but as they get more used to it and grow in confidence, baby will love time spent on the ground learning how to move their body.

You can use games to make it more fun, like taking their favourite toy and leaving it just out of reach so they have to crawl to get to it.

Have pretend races to baby’s toys and if you are enjoying yourself you can be sure baby is too.



  1. Cause a Road Block

Our personal favourite involves using an obstacle course, baby is encouraged to move over different textures such as blankets and cushions and this helps develop their sense of movement, space and helps with muscle development.


Tip: Try using a childs tunnel for baby to crawl through- they will love it!


The most important thing to do is to remember to make tummy time enjoyable for baby and they will be comfortable and more confident.


*never leave baby unattended during tummy time

Maternity and Infant – Finalist

Maternity and Infant

sssshhhhh…. we cant give too much away but we can whisper a little.

As you know here at CCHQ we are always thinking of new ways to support baby development and creating new ways to enhance baby learning. We have been working on something a little different and our secret project has made it through to the final of the Maternity and Infant Awards 2015 and we are so excited.

All will be revealed soon 🙂

We can’t wait to share this with you.

#bughugs from The Creeper Crawlers Team

coming soon

Loved By Parents Award – Nominated

Loved by Parents

Our new Bamboo Crawl Suit has been nominated for a prestigious Loved By Parents Award in the category of Best Innovative Idea.

We are still the only company in the world to make developmental clothing for babies. Our baby grows have little gripper bugs on the knees and feet which provide traction for babies learning to crawl and so helps them to reach the all important crawling milestone.

Bamboo Crawl Suit

Bamboo Crawl Suit

At Creeper Crawlers our mission is to support the natural developmental stages of babies. Today with the increased popularity of wooden and tiled floors little ones learning to crawl are finding it difficult as they are slipping and sliding around. Our new Bamboo Crawl Suit with our unique easy grip technology has been nominated in the BEST INNOVATIVE IDEA category and we are delighted that our innovation and hard work is being recognised. We pride ourselves in being a company that puts the child first rather than make products that make parents lives easier. Each product is designed with this in mind.


To find out more about the benefits of our Bamboo Fabric click here. 

Bamboo Crawl Suit

Bamboo Crawl Suit


To vote for us click here:


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A big thanks from us in advance 🙂 🙂 #bughugs

Top 5 Modern Hazards In Your Home For Your Crawling Baby


As you have probably have found out, a crawling baby is highly inquisitive and unpredictable, meaning that we must always be prepared for the unexpected and try to child proof our homes the best we can.

Little ones can find literally hundreds of ways to get hurt and it is important to remember that bumps and bruises are all a part of being a child. However there are some things we can do to try and avoid serious injuries to little crawlers.

The two most common hazards for babies at home are falls and kitchen related burns. Blind cords and sharp corners e.g on coffee tables also present a danger for curious babies, but these are well documented and brought to parents attention.  However modern day hazards are increasingly causing injury to little ones in the home.

Here we highlight the top five modern hazards to little curious crawlers in the home:


1)  Appliance Cords

Appliance cords present a strangulation hazard and curious little ones could also end up pulling heavy and dangerous objects such as laptops and kitchen equipment down on top of them. Try to keep appliances high and well out of the reach of children. When not in use store in a safe place.

2)  Hair Straighteners/ Curlers

Hair straighteners can cause burns up to 10 minutes after they have been turned off.  It is a good idea to place straighteners into heat resistant bags and kept out of reach and out of sight from inquisitive little eyes. In 2009-2010 in NI almost 10% of thermal injuries to children admitted to hospital came from hair straighteners.

3)  Gym Equipment

Today fit is the new skinny and many of us now are lucky enough to have a gym or ‘get fit’ equipment in our homes. Usually these are in spaces which are easily accessed by children and crawlers. Each year in the USA thousands of children are admitted to hospital for treadmill related injuries, mostly burns and accidents related to the cords.

4) Dishwasher

In most homes dishwashers are easily accessed as they are low to the ground. Many people have a habit of walking around the kitchen and leaving the dishwasher open. Keep in mind how attractive this would be to a little one. It is suggested that you should close your dishwasher door securely once finished packing it. This will keep little ones away from potential hazards within the main chamber of the machine.

Here at CCHQ would also recommend that you store any washing tablets / powder / detergent for you machines in a cabinet high and well out of the reach of your little one. As with all cleaning fluids and chemicals in your home.

5)  Slippery Floors

Falls and slipping are some of the main reasons for children being admitted to hospitals. Over the last 10 – 15 years there has been an increase in the use of slippery floor such as tiles, wooden and laminate in homes. These provide no grip for youngsters running through the home. It is suggested that one way to minimise falls is to use non-slip mats under rugs  and loose floor coverings etc.  Did you know what slippery floors also discourage your baby from the cross crawl? Their knees slip from under them as they attempt to get into the position for the cross crawl causing frustration and fear in some instances. By using our recommended Easy Grip Crawl Suits with our specially devised grip technology on the knees and soles of the feet can prevent slipping and sliding for crawling babies. You can find more information HERE

Creeper Crawlers Gripper Bugs

Creeper Crawlers Gripper Bug

Why not check out our amazing Easy Grip ranges HERE

Top tip:

When your little one has mastered tummy time and is ready to crawl it is a good idea to get down on the floor yourself and crawl around. 🙂 By doing this you can see all the hazards and little temptations from their level and so be better prepared.


**these are not the only modern hazards in your home for your inquisitive baby these are only our Top 5 suggestions. Please refer to manufacturers guidelines and other professional bodies that educate on how to keep your baby safe in your home.

Sensory Teething Bib

Sensory Bamboo Teething Bib

My Day in Google

Can't wait to return :)

So ….. last week I had a great adventure on Tuesday afternoon.


Google Ireland HQ

Google Ireland HQ

I was very lucky to be invited to Google HQ by Colm Harling the SRP Global Program Manager and take part in the SRP Business Challenge. Creeper Crawlers are always looking for ways to improve our engagement online and ultimately increase our sales via our website. The Nooglers (new Googlers) were a fabulous group who took time to gain a deep understanding of my company. Each team then presented a range of exciting possibilities for us to take away and implement very quickly.I would highly recommend other companies to participate in these types of activities, if lucky enough to be offered the chance.
The members of the team were deeply knowledgeable, motivated and extremely enthusiastic about genuinely recommending strategies that could assist us in reaching our business goals.

Great day at Google HQ in Dublin

Great day at Google HQ in Dublin

Google has over 4000 employees in their Dublin HQ. The staff are from all over the globe and bring a fantastic cultural mix to our capital. There is an amazing vibe of coolness and funkiness when you walk into the building to register, right from the types of computers that you use to register to get your visitors badge through to the seating arrangements in the vast bustling lobby. Some seats are more like art installations and I have to confess, I wasn’t too sure if I should be sitting on them or not! But as it turned out, I didn’t have to wait long for Colm to come get me.


Google Meeting Point

Google Meeting Point

This would look great in CCHQ!

This would look great in CCHQ!

I was brought into their secure development space and I’m telling you folks, the kitchen in this area was spectacular and kitted out with plenty of fruit and then snacks in drawers to beat the band. But as Colm later explained to me, Google are supporting their staff to make healthy snack choices so they decided to keep fruit on display in all kitchens throughout the building and to still have snacks available to employees but to have them stored out of sight! Makes total sense! And what a great initiative. Kudos to Google management.


I got to spend about an hour and a half with the team in Google and then Colm brought me to the other buildings to have a look at some of their funky layouts.

One thing I noticed as I walked through the corridors of the various buildings was that everywhere you looked there were lots of different little spaces for sitting / working / reading / being social etc. I asked Colm if employees were allowed to move away from their desks and work and he said ‘yes’ and that they are actually encouraged to use other spaces around the building.

That is brilliant. Something the CCHQ will have some day, fingers crossed 🙂


There was also this amazing wallpaper:

Love this wallpaper

Love this wallpaper


And this cool wall that lit up when you walked past. I couldn’t resist taking a short video of it! Brilliant.

Outdoor terrace

Outdoor terrace

Last weeks healthy menu

Last weeks healthy menu

They also have a great lunch spot where staff can make their own juices and smoothies etc. Just have a look at what was on the menu last week…… yum.

And when you have your plate full of healthy foods you can enjoy some time outside in the sunshine in one of their roof terraces.




As you go up higher in the buildings the views from the upper floors are amazing. You can see all around Dublin. Infact there are three famous landmarks in this photo, can you list them?

Dublin skyline as seen from Google HQ

Dublin skyline as seen from Google HQ

In one of the buildings there is even a Google shop, I was just thanking my lucky stars that my boys were not with me on this adventure as I know there would have been a battle of wills in the Google shop!


And actually at the end of my stay, Colm gifted me a Google mug – which now has pride of place in my kitchen – the boys wouldn’t let me bring it into the office!

Love my Mug! :)

Love my Mug! :)

I have to say a huge thank you to all the fantastic Google team that worked with me. Here is a great pic that Colm took just before I left. I even managed to find a little pic of Colm too……..

Can't wait to return :)

Can’t wait to return :)

The lovely Colm from Google

The lovely Colm








Here’s hoping to get back to another great session with the Googlers soon.

Thanks for a great day folks.