5 Products To Avoid – Child Development

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As you know, our aim is to support and enhance the healthy development of young children.

Our first product was the Easy Grip Crawl Suit™ which was developed to help babies achieve the cross crawl vital for cognitive development.  The cross crawl helps to develop muscles, co-ordination, vision and so much more. It is the most important milestone and our Easy Grip Crawl Suit™ gives babies the confidence they need to get crawling as it has our unique gripper bugs strategically placed on the knees and feet to provide traction on slippery modern floors.

The Crawl Suit has won awards for safety as by providing traction for babies it also stops slipping and those little bumps and bruises.

Today there are a lot more challenges facing baby than there was even just a few years ago, modern living can make it more difficult for baby to reach vital milestones and to make matters worse there are now products available that actually can have a negative effect on baby development.

We have been shocked to see a number of products available and below we have listed 5 to avoid.


  • Walkers

Parents today are very keen to see their babies walking- valuing it much more than crawling- counting the days until their little one will take their first steps and hoping to catch this moment on camera.

For this reason they buy walkers to help encourage this movement and to strengthen muscles in the legs. It has been proven however that this is not the case- walkers do not help babies learn how to walk, they can actually delay development. Studies have shown that those babies that use walkers to help them learn, may actually walk a month later than those who have not.

The reason for this is because baby walkers allow babies to move around before they are ready, their legs are hanging, putting extra strain on their hips and spine. Babys legs are usually in a bowed shape which can affect how they walk when they eventually learn how to do so.  Walkers are detrimental to normal baby development, their movement is restricted and they are discouraged from undertaking the important task of crawling. Crawling is when they learn how their body works and builds the muscles in their neck, back and legs- allowing them to then undertake the task of walking.

The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that walkers are not used as they can discourage your child from walking and because they can also be dangerous. Canada banned walkers in 2004 and if you are found in possession of a walker in Canada for your baby you can even be fined up to $100,000.


  • Bouncers- Baby Door Swings

For many of the same reasons as walkers, bouncers can also delay the development of your baby.  Being in a baby bouncer means that babies are spending less time developing floor mobility such as sitting and crawling which allows them to develop their muscles as well as spatial awareness and confidence.

Bouncers do not offer much support for babies, they are left hanging by their crotch, putting stress on their pelvis and spine. If baby spends too long in them it is thought to put un-natural and excessive strain on their back.

Bouncers are also bad for baby’s social development as interaction with their environment and others is limited.

We are not saying that they should not be used at all but that the time baby spends in these should be limited and supervised.


  • Baby Chair

Baby chairs are a very controversial product due to how dangerous it can be for baby. There have been numerous reports of babies taking a tumble and getting seriously injured.

As well as being dangerous they can also seriously delay baby development as many babies are placed in the chair before they are ready. Motor skills can be inhibited when babies are placed in a chair before they are developmentally ready to sit and support the weight of their upper body.

When placed in a baby chair their movement is restricted – they are held in an un-natural position and their legs tend to dangle. This is bad for spinal and leg development.


  • Touch Screens

Recent research has shown that more and more children are starting school with an under developed pincer grip (pointer finger and the thumb) with some even starting school unable to hold a pencil properly. Some research has indicated that this could be due to the increased popularity of touch screen products. Children are not encouraged to use their fingers and develop their fine motor skills as they just swipe a screen gently.

There have even been products introduced that are aimed at babies and infants, this increased popularity and the amount of time babies are spending in front of a screen can also have an effect on their social development as well.

We are not saying that babies should not have any access to touch screen products as it can of course be beneficial to learn this at a young age (with some parental involvement/engagement) but it is better if this time is restricted.


  • Teething products

All mums would do anything for our teething baby to help get them through this ordeal- buying any product that promises to sooth the pain. However there are some teething products out there that can negatively affect your baby’s development. When choosing a teether make sure to avoid anything that restricts baby’s movements. Forcing their little soft bones into a particular shape restricts fine motor development and natural movement.

5 Reasons Why Crawling is the Most Important Developmental Milestone

Cream Easy Grip Crawl Suit

For a baby, crawling is so much more than just a way of getting from A to B, it is the most vital stage in their development.

Babies generally begin to crawl after 6 months but we have found through our own research that today babies are actually beginning to crawl later, nearer to 8-10months due to factors in their environment. These factors include slippery, cold floor surfaces which can be off putting for a young baby trying to gain the confidence to get moving. There are also some baby products that are on the market that can actually cause developmental delays. Eg baby walkers.

Crawling is a vital step and as a company, it was our initial focus. Our Easy Grip Crawl Suit has little gripper bugs on the knees and feet to provide traction for babies trying to learn to crawl on modern slippery floors.

Cream Easy Grip Crawl Suit

Cream Easy Grip Crawl Suit

Recent research has shown that the effects of not crawling can be seen later in life eg at school age some children are unable to hold a pencil properly, some have an inability to copy from a board, do maths equations and show signs of general clumsiness. Below we list the top 5 reasons why crawling is important and the benefits in later life.


  1. Physical Development

Crawling helps to develop muscles in the head, neck, arms, back and legs. As well as helping to support the development of gross and fine motor skills.

  1. Brain Development

Crawling is vital for cognitive development. It helps encourage crossing of the mid-line. This is the invisible line that runs down our centre and divides the left side from the right side of the body. Crossing of the mid-line is very important for further development and also for the two hemispheres (sides) of the brain. It indicates that the left side of the brain is working with the right side of the brain and vice versa. Repeat crawling and practice will strengthen and continue to develop this.

  1. Vision

Crawling can encourage the healthy development of near and far vision. Babies learn to train their eyes to look into the distance to an object that they want or to a destination and look back down to their hands. This helps babies to make sense of their surroundings and what they see. It also helps baby learn to track objects which can help with reading once baby reaches a school going age.

  1. Co-ordination and Balance

As crawling helps with vision this can also aid the development of balance and co-ordination which in the future can help with tasks such as riding a bike. Crawling is the very beginning of the development of hand eye co-ordination- reaching for objects and moving forward.

  1. Self Confidence

Crawling can also help baby to develop a sense of confidence, it encourages them to interact socially and with their environment. Baby is able to take calculated risks when crawling and gets to know their boundaries and potential as well as helping them to build on this. Baby is also taught how to deal with failure and learn how to overcome this.

Crawling Develops

Crawling Develops

** We also recently learned thanks to a post from the BBC that crawling can also make you a better driver**

Crawling can be encouraged in a number of different was- read here how you can encourage your baby to get to grips with crawling.

It is also important to note that crawling is not only beneficial for babies, recently crawling has been recommended to adults as a way to achieve better communication between brain hemispheres and to repair compromised brain functions.

Benefits of Crawling

Benefits of Crawling

Crawling today is viewed as a rehabilitative and restorative movement as it helps to develop healthy body and brain connections. Crawling has the ability to improve your health, mobility and strength as well as improving your ability to think and focus.


Remember if your baby is not crawling there is no need to panic as today babies are learning to crawl much later and some even skip this stage completely.

If you are concerned however do contact your GP.

Sensory Bamboo Teething Bib


This sensory teething bib has been designed, like all of our products with baby in mind. We aim to put baby first and not focus on developing products that aim to make life easier for parents.

We wanted to design a bib that not only provided some pain relief but also had some developmental aspects too.

We achieved this by adding little ridges and circles to the silicone edging – adding a sensory element to the bib, supporting cognitive development while baby teeths.

Sensory For Brain Development

Sensory For Brain Development

So whats different?

Babies tend to drool excessively when they are teething and so this is the perfect solution – a bib and teether in one!

  • Silicone Edge- This food grade, BPA free silicone V edging provides soothing pain relief while those little teeth try to break through the gums and with the additional little ridges and textures it provides a sensory feeling for cognitive development.
  • The bib is stylish with a bandana shape and is also reversible.
  • The Fabric

It wasn’t until we needed to source a fabric for our new premium range and started doing some research that we began to learn about the benefits and qualities of bamboo fabric. We wanted something that was kind to baby’s skin and environmentally friendly. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and it is even recommended by doctors for children, especially those with any skin irritation or sensitivity.

As bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton it makes the perfect material for a bib for teething babies. As you know babies drool so much more while teething. This material also helps to reduce the teething rash and it is antibacterial.

Learn more about the benefits of bamboo here.

We began with 2 colours and recently we have recently added some new bib designs as shown here.

New Colours Launched

New Colours Launched

We will be launching a brand new design (something a little different) very soon also.

To buy a Sensory Teething Bib for your little one click here.

Prima Baby Awards 2016

We are over the moon to have been shortlisted for another Prima Baby Award and to finally be able to tell you all!!

Last year we triumphed with our Easy Grip Crawl Suit and this year one of our long-awaited new products is in the running. Fingers crossed for 2 in a row #bughugs


#revolutionary #GetAGrip

Prima Baby Awards 2016

Prima Baby Awards 2016


Have you got a teething baby on your hands?

Babies usually begin to teeth around 6 months old however this does vary- can be as early as 3 months or even begin as late as 12 months old.  It is very important to remember that like all milestones babies experience teething differently.

For a lucky few babies (and parents) teething does not cause any difficulty at all with no symptoms showing. The majority of babies though are not so lucky and as most of you will know it is quite an ordeal for baby and parents for a number of months with mum and dad doing what they can to make the experience a little easier.

BambooTeething Bib

BambooTeething Bib

Signs that your baby is teething.

  • Excessive drooling
  • Chewing on whatever they can get their hands on including your fingers and theirs
  • Irritable
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Rubbing their face and ears
  • Rash caused by constant drooling and chafing


What you can do

  • By applying a little pressure with a clean finger you can help to provide some relief from the teething pain.
  • If baby is eating solids you could try giving them some fruit or veg eg a piece of carrot to gnaw on. Use cooled but not frozen foods as extreme cold can be harmful.
  • As you know teething causes baby to drool excessively, it is important to keep baby dry as this drool can cause skin irritations. Use a clean dry cloth as frequently as possible. Our teething bib is made from bamboo material which is recommended by doctors for babies skin and is 60% more absorbent than cotton.
  • Some people like to use nipple creams to treat the rash around the mouth and cheeks.
  • Baby needs lots of extra TLC and attention from loved ones while they are teething 🙂


Products to avoid

  • Rusks- Although rusks are very popular they do have a high sugar content which is not good for those new little teeth.
  • Rubbing alcohol- We advise against using rubbing alcohol on your babies gums- even if you are desperate.
  • Amber necklaces – There is currently no evidence to support the claims that amber necklaces are beneficial for teething babies and in some cases they have actually became a choking hazard.
  • The benefit of most teething products is that not only do they sooth pain but the majority also encourage fine motor and sensory development. Most teethers are textured for a sensory experience linked to cognitive development. The majority also help with the development of fine motor skills as baby can hold on to it and move it around while putting it to their mouth. When buying a teething product make sure that baby’s hands and finger movements are not restricted.


The Creeper Crawlers sensory teething bib is both a bamboo bib and teether in 1. Buy yours here.

Sensory For Brain Development

Sensory For Brain Development

If you think your baby seems to be in a lot of pain don’t hesitate to consult with your nurse or doctor who will be able to make recommendations for gels and pain medication.

CC News Round Up – Las Vegas and more!

nov collage

We thought we would give you a little update on what we have been up to lately here in HQ. In last months update we had daylight robbery and streakers, this month we have Las Vegas pool parties and award ceremonies. The baby industry is far more exciting than people think 🙂

Of the recent Creeper Crawlers activities, the highlight was the trip to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas!

Some of the team were lucky enough to travel to the US to see what new products were coming to the market very soon. The ABC Kids Expo is held in the Las Vegas Convention Centre and is attended by over 14,000 people each year- the biggest baby event in USA.

Each day we walked the 8 miles of show (learning quickly that heels were a bad, bad idea) where we spotted some new products that are sure to cause a stir in the baby space. Some that are great and some not so great :). Here are the top 3 products that stood out to us. Let us know what you think.

This product is a book and soundtrack that you can use to help prepare your pet for the new arrival.

Tell Your Dog

How to tell your pet about the new arrival.










Hands free pumping kit- We think the picture explains this better than we ever could.

Hands Free!

Hands Free!










For us this was the product that stood out the most and seemed to go down a treat at the show. The new stroller from GB Baby- just watch the video and you will see why. Like this stroller, sometimes you come across a product at these shows that would make you want to have another baby- but sometimes you also come across products that really don’t. 😉


Each evening we were lucky enough to attend industry functions that just happened to be in our hotel. We stayed in the SLS Las Vegas which is perfect for anybody attending shows in the convention centre as it has its own monorail station and is only 2 stops away.

This allowed us time to have the obligatory poolside cocktail after the show and soak our feet (and send some pics back to the office to make the rest of the team jealous) before getting ready for the evening events.

At the ABC Kids industry party we met up with a friend of ours Jamie Grayson- better known as The Baby Guy NYC. Jamie is Americas leading baby blogger / baby gear expert and if you are not following him- do! He is very entertaining and an expert in all things baby! We finally got to show him our newest products and he loved it 🙂 we are delighted to say we will be working on another joint project very soon.

The Baby Guy NYC

The Baby Guy NYC


Another event held in the SLS was the Modern Brands Pool Party- where we had a great night thanks to our friends at “ezpz”. This was the greatest party, with amazing food and a free bar..

Photo Booth Fun

Photo Booth Fun

Celebrating In Style

Celebrating In Style

The photo booth was the highlight and of course we took full advantage of it. 🙂

Although it was an intense few days we managed to celebrate a successful trip with a little bottle of bubbly by the pool. 😉





After all the fun and craziness of Las Vegas it was time for a quick overnight at home with some family time squeezed in before we were back to the airport the next morning and off to London for the Baby Show. After another day of meetings and following the meetings in the US also things are starting to get very real and very exciting for our new products. We can’t wait for the launch. Watch this space.


A week later we were delighted to attend the Maternity and Infant Awards Ceremony in Dublin where one of our fab new products was a finalist in the feeding products category- that’s right our new products are not crawling related, that’s all we can tell you at the moment but we are getting so much closer to the big reveal. Any ideas?

Maternity and Infant Awards

Maternity and Infant Awards

On another note we have joined Periscope- we were introduced to it by our American friends and we love it! It is going to be huge here too. You can get the app and follow us through our twitter account @creepercrawlers. This is a live streaming service so you will be able to get real time info from us and see what we are up to.


Don’t miss out on your chance to win one of our amazing CC University Tracksuits.

Enter to win here: 

The September Issue

Kind + Jugend

This September things in the Creeper Crawlers office were as hectic as ever. With our huge launch coming very soon and planning the big reveal there is never a quiet moment. The entire team has been working their little butts off to bring you something very very special.

At the beginning of the month we attended the Kind and Jugend Nursery Trade show in Cologne, Germany, a four day show which is the biggest of its kind in Europe where we got to reveal our secrets to the industry and launch our new products that you will all see online and in stores very soon.

Kind + Jugend

Kind + Jugend


We can’t give away  too much but the picture below shows you a little bit of our stand – our first product the Easy Grip Crawl Suit. The Easy Grip Crawl Suit comes in 4 colours, pink, blue, cream and mint and in 4 sizes from 6mths-24mths. Get yours here. We are delighted to be able to say that the show was a  huge success and our new projects got a phenomenal response. Better than we had hoped for actually 🙂




Our new product is not in the crawling space but it is in keeping with our company mission, all of our products will support the natural development of children. Our Easy Grip Crawl Suit aims to target the problem caused by modern living and the effect that it has on babies learning to crawl. Modern flooring can delay this stage in development. The Easy Grip Crawl Suit provides traction and allows baby to master the all important Cross Crawl.

Our newest project launching soon also aims to overcome a modern issue that is causing developmental delays in babies. It is a truly unique concept and will be a must have for baby.

Easy Grip Crawl Suit

As always when the team go on a business trip there is always a little drama involved. If you remember the flat tyre and “missing” spare that we had on our way to The Harrogate Nursery fair in March. This time things were a little more juicy. J A flasher on the train caused huge delays, making us to be late to the show on day one and on day four when it was time to pack up and go home our luggage had been stolen. On the bright side we didn’t have to haul it all home and it makes for an interesting blog. 🙂

Despite the unexpected fun that we had, the show was amazing, our new products will be taking over the world very soon and we had a great few days. It was great to be there as part of the British Pavilion and see some familiar faces. We even got a little time to see some of Cologne. The Dom is definitely worth a trip. 🙂

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)

To join in the conversation or to tell us what you think we are planning just use our hashtags #GetAGrip #Bughugs or follow us on facebook.