Creeper Crawlers do Mud and Mischief


Here at Creeper Crawlers HQ we like to work hard and play harder. So following a few hectic weeks we decided to let off some steam by getting covered in muck and showing off our driving skills. 🙂


For our off road driving session we went to Palmerstown House Estate in Naas, where the instructors showed us the ropes and then let us loose on the forest.


Creeper Crawlers CEO Ollwyn Moran taking on the challenge


We had an amazing days fun, even if we did get told off for speeding and for not knowing our left from our right (okay that was only me). We got to experience the capabilities of the 4×4 jeeps, drive through rivers and over steps as well as through a steep, slippery forest. It was a great way for the team to have some serious fun away from the office and we will definitely be back. Highly recommended!!!





The Creeper Crawlers Team

After we had been covered in muck and had thoroughly scared the life out of each other we continued the fun back at CC HQ with some pizzas. (Oh! and wine) 🙂


Off Road Driving

by Donna

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