Serendipity & the Student Entrepreneur Competition


Hands up who believes in serendipity?  Or karma?

How about: “What is for you will never pass you”?

Well I do. Very much so.

It was 2011, and I was back in college in the evenings studying for a Masters in Education in NUIM What does this stand for?.

One evening I was coming out from a lecture and I noticed a poster on the wall that read: “Student Entrepreneur Of The Year Competition”. I was intrigued. I took down the contact details and sent an email the minute I got home.  The closing date was in two days.

I mentioned it to my parents and asked them what they thought? Should I enter it?

Supportive as ever, they both urged me to begin to follow my dreams and to at least enter the competition. Which I duly did.

I remember going along on the first evening for a meeting and throughout the meeting terms like “P&L,” “SWOT” and “PEST” were being used. I hadn’t a clue what everyone was talking about. I actually had to wait back at the end of the meeting to ask the co-ordinator what “P&L” meant! The look on his face was priceless. I’m guessing that he thought I was crazy for even thinking of entering and thinking that I could write a business plan!!!

Upon reflection, I think I probably was a bit mad to do it!

But after months of hard work and three business plans later, I found myself in the finals of the competition.

So because the finals were open to the public, I met with IP attorneys and got all sorts of protections—patents, trademarks, registered designs–in place.

On April 16th 2012, the finals were held in NUIM in one of the largest and newest lecture theatres on campus. I was SO nervous that I nearly pulled out of the competition the day before the finals! But plenty of Rescue Remedy managed to calm the nerves enough to get me through.

I couldn’t believe it, but I actually won the competition. I won €6000. This was my starting fund towards the development of the company and the first product on the market. I was so excited. What made it even more special for me that evening was, the fact that my parents and my boys were in the audience cheering me on.

From that day, Creeper Crawlers began to take shape.

This blog post is part of a series of firsthand accounts by Ollwyn Moran documenting the beginnings of Creeper Crawlers. Creeper Crawlers is a revolutionary children’s clothing brand best known for its Easy Grip Crawl Suit. Made from 100% cotton and free of harsh chemical dyes, the patent-pending and award-winning Easy Grip Crawl Suit provides developmental benefits for babies ages 6-12 months. Learn more about Creeper Crawlers here

by Ollwyn

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